Remark to the present beta:
In this version of the game, the (incomplete) network mode has been deactivated and leveling up (by collecting ElecTons) has been allowed for local matches. In the original version however, ElecTons are only taken into account for online matches. (This is the reason why only the gamertag logged in in Squar can make progress and not all gamertags logged in on the Xbox).
The stepwise progress and especially the tutorials are vital elements to get to know the game at an appropriate pace. Should you nevertheless lack the time to get to know the game in that way, you can increase (resp. decrease) your rank in the main menu by pressing the Y- (resp. X-) Button on your gamepad.
360logo Download Squar.ccgame

Note: In order to run a ccgame package on your Xbox 360, you need to have XNA installed on your PC and be a member of XNA creators club.