Here you'll find links to the websites or blogs of people who helped to get Squar going. While a lot of them concerns general (XNA) programming stuff, I also included two links of my dear art monkey Christian, as well as the website of Sabrina Sterling, who was responsible for the voice acting in Squar. I also want to mention Shawn Hargreaves explicitely, whose blog allowed me to easily understand complex matters of game programming. Thanks, Shawn!!

Friends and Helpers
♦ The XNA Creators' Club

♦ Christian Brand's MySpace Site and Online Portfolio

♦ Shawn Hargreaves' Ingenious! Blog

♦ Sabrina Sterling's Website - or, uhm, one of them?

♦ Bastian Allgeier's zootool - thanks for the CSS introduction, Basti... ;)

♦ Microsoft's Indie Games Website

Ziggyware - XNA News and Tutorials by Michael Morton

How to multithread your code. - and why you shouldn't!

HLSL shader programming tutorials by Petri Wilhelmsen

♦ HLSL Lighting techniques for beginners

♦ Free syntax highighting for HLSL with Notepad++ jwatte's site

♦ A presentation about Networked games with XNA by Shawn Hargreaves

♦ The msdn library for XNA Game Studio 3.1

♦ How to read and write XML files in the .net framework by Mahesh Chand

♦ Understanding Performance of your 360's Xenon CPU

♦ The .fbx model format and XNA Models, Drawing, etc.

♦ Got a problem? Check the XNA Wiki - from AI to Zune.

♦ Spheres suck? Try Oriented bounding boxes for collision detection

♦ MSDN blog about Alpha-blending.

♦ Jens Konerow's blog about XNA and games technology in general.

♦ Your art monkey interface is faulty? Get his input from Maya to XNA

Game Design
♦ News about gaming and game design in general on Gamasutra

♦ Jesse Schell's Talk on the future of games (at DICE 2010)

♦ An interview with Frederick Raynal - The mastermind behind Little Big Adventure!!

♦ Jeff Wofford about How to get your iPhone App into the Top 10.

♦ 5 creepy ways video games will get you addicted - Creepy indeed!