From a game designer point of view there are two layers of game design in Squar: The macro layer that defines the gameboard and the game goal on the one hand and the micro layer that includes the tools the player may access to achieve his/her goal on the other hand. I defined the macro layer in such a way that I had plenty of freedom of design as far as the micro layer was concerned.

Instead of displaying diagrams here that visualize the paper, scissors, stone principle behind the gadgets (and I have drawn a lot of such diagrams during the conceptual phase) I will confine with linking videos of the tutorials that introduce the different gadgets to the player.

However great your game content and game ideas are, you will have to transfer your ideas to the player. The keyword in this context is 'presenation' and as I consider this a very important aspect I have taken my time to implement these tutorials.

Squar - Tutorial 1 - Converter (HiDef)

Squar - Tutorial 2 - Energy Ray (HiDef)

Squar - Tutorial 3 - Grenade Launcher (HiDef)

Squar - Tutorial 4 - Missiles Launcher (HiDef)

Squar - Tutorial 5 - Laser Sphere (HiDef)

Squar - Tutorial 6 - Strong Converter (HiDef)

Squar - Tutorial 7 - Triple Converter (HiDef)

Squar - Tutorial 8 - Mighty Converter (HiDef)

Squar - Tutorial 9 - Artillery (HiDef)

Squar - Tutorial 10 - Energy Attractor (HiDef)

Squar - Tutorial 11 - Shield (HiDef)

Squar - Tutorial 12 - Nuke (HiDef)