In October 2008 I started to acquaint myself with XNA.
At the end of 2008 and at the beginning of 2009 I developed the gameplay of Squar on paper and created some test implementations based on dummy models. Deliberately, I left both setting and story to some extent undefined to leave many degrees of freedom for the graphics design.
Around midyear 2009 Christian Brand (whose approval for cooperation I had obtained at the beginning of the project) provided me with models and textures and thus defined the game universe and background.
In August 2009 a prototype had been created that was in some respects finished.
Until December 2009 I revised the presentation to enhance accessability. For this purpose I conceptually designed and implemented the tutorials and engaged a voice actress for dubbing.
In 2010 I am finishing my PhD and have loads to do. Besides I am trying to get network coding done and to develop an AI (which is huge fun).